Install Echo360 Personal Capture

Source dir:Step 1: Obtain the correct installer from your echo server, you will need the specific installer that supports unattended install:Step 2: Create "server-configuration.xml" 2: Create "install.cmd" Media EncoderHotfix


QSR Nvivo 10 (Inc SP4) SCCM 2012

How to package QSR Nvivo 10:First create a SCCM package for SQL Express 08;@echo off"%~dp0SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe" /ACTION=INSTALL /FEATURES=SQLEngine /INSTANCENAME=QSRNVivo10 /SQLCOLLATION=Latin1_General_BIN /SQLSVCSTARTUPTYPE=Automatic /SQLSVCACCOUNT="NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" /SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS="BUILTIN\ADMINISTRATORS" /IAcceptSQLServerLicenseTerms="True" /QexitEnsure the NVivo10 has a dependency to first install SQL Express. Source Dir Contains:Activation.xml Install.cmd Uninstall:REM DEACVIVATE LICENSE"c:\Program Files\QSR\NVivo 10\NVivo" -deactivateREM REMOVE NVIVOmsiexec /x {49BFDB10-A9AC-4368-9BF1-236D569DD8F0} /qb