Installing Raisers Edge with updates SCCM 2012

Important Considerations:

  • Raisers Edge is not supported on Office 2013 32/64 Bit (as of V7.9.3)  
  • The software requires Office 2003 Web Components , support for this is now finished, therefore no security releses will occur for this software –

    Deployment :

  • Silent Install Script Steps/Contents:
    • Script will look for existing registry keys and remove them if they exist
    • Script will install Office 2003 Web Components – check log %systemroot%\temp\sccm_RE_OfficeWebComp.log for issues. 
    • Script copies BBUpdate to %systemroot%\temp – This file contains information re DB and stops user being prompted to “RUN as Admin” on first Run. 
    • Script Installs raisers edge from server path \\server\REDeploy by using pushd
    • Script sets required permissions for RE folders
    • Script installs required RE Patch – check %systemroot%\temp\sccm_RE_Patch.log for issues
    • Script modifies registry value to force install source (unsure if needed, in here for safety)
    • Script copies BBUpdate from step 3 to live RE folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Raisers Edge 7
    • Script adds registry tattoo for SCCM targeting

  • Issues:
    • To gather MSP and Exe for Patch, i had to manually run patch and then browse to temp folder on machine to get exe.
    • Unless you use cmd /c for installing patch you will get a “One of the files has an invalid certificate, File: c:\Windows\system32\BBPatch.exe Invalid or no signature” (1602 error)
    • Without the presence of BBUpdate.ini , users are prompted on first run to install a patch and run as admin which will fail, however application will work on second try. Forcing BBUpdate.ini from a working profile fixes this issue. 
    • If using outlook 2010 and the COM add in does not appear, try setting “Run as administrator” on the compatibilty tab for your outlook shortcut, you should then be able to add the add-in successfully. See here: 
    • If users are unable to login, first check with Christine Bailey that they have an active account, all accounts should be enabled for AD authenitcation, users should not be prompted for admin access. If users can still not log in, do the following: Ensure RE is not running, Open BBUpdate.ini in program directory, change the value of “ServerDelta” to anything less than the number stated, ie; if ServerDelta=21 change to ServerDelta=19. Save INI file and then run RE7 AS ADMIN, you should be prompted that a change was detected, this should force RE to check to server, which will change the ServerDelta back to its correct value. You should now be able to start RE7 normally and simply choose “Production”- you should no longer be prompted for login. 

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