[PowerShell] Remove Objects Tool v1.0

If you are like me and use "All Unknown Computers" to deploy your OSD to you will also be fairly familiar of making sure you have cleared an object from the SCCM Database before trying to re-image, otherwise ... well its not Unknown now is it?Typically this would involve a tech opening AD searching for … Continue reading [PowerShell] Remove Objects Tool v1.0


TeamViewer QuickJoin – Windows 10 Image

If your company uses TeamViewer to support remote clients, you may wish to add the TeamViewer QuickJoin support tool into your Windows 10 Image. Including this tool in your image will remove the need for remote clients to download this from the TeamViewer website each time they need support. You can customise the QuickJoin tool … Continue reading TeamViewer QuickJoin – Windows 10 Image