Hi There,My name is Dan, I currently work in London as a SCCM consultant on a working holiday from Australia.I will be updating this blog from time to time with tips on application packaging and OS Deployment , specifically using MDT/SCCM.If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me.LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dan-padgett-36b982a5Cheers,Dan


MBAM support to end July 2019

MBAM (Microsoft Bitlocker Administration & Monitoring) is one of those tools that I recommend to clients by default. MBAM is bundled with MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack). MBAM extends Bitlocker and adds additional features such as: Secure key escrow to SQL Key rotation Reporting/Auditing Helpdesk/self-service portal (although self-service is rarely used) PIN prompt (users can are … Continue reading MBAM support to end July 2019

Field Notes: CMG ARM Deployment Error

ConfigMgr CB 1802 was shipped with the option of deploying the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) via an Azure Resource Manager deployment, this was a welcome addition as it meant one less certificate when provisioning the CMG. I was deploying a new CMG instance for a client recently and was running into a rather unusual error. … Continue reading Field Notes: CMG ARM Deployment Error

Windows 10 Image Maintenance & Cleanup

Note - If you are viewing this page on a mobile device some embedded code may not display, switch your mobile browser to desktop mode.  Since the release of the cumulative update model, managing Windows updates has become a much simpler process. Updates are typically released broadly to enterprise devices monthly after they have gone … Continue reading Windows 10 Image Maintenance & Cleanup

SCCM SQL Query – Client Push Queue

I was looking into the built-in SSRS report titled 'Client push installation status details'. This report shows the status of all client push attempts, including error codes. I needed to extend this information for a client to include the workstations Active Directory Site name. I looked into SSRS and noticed it used the following stored … Continue reading SCCM SQL Query – Client Push Queue

Gather SCCM Site Code – PowerShell

During a recent ConfigMgr side by side migration project I was asked to provide a reliable way to return AD Site and SCCM site code information for each computer in an OU. The below PowerShell script is what i came up with. https://gist.github.com/danjpadgett/53d5178ef2530eb1075f967301ac695a The script will return Name, ADSite and SCCM site code information for … Continue reading Gather SCCM Site Code – PowerShell

Managing Windows as a Service (WaaS)

Introduction Prior to Windows 10, Microsoft released new versions of Windows every few years, this schedule stalled the release of new features and caused headaches for IT to upskill staff due to significant changes in the Operating System. Microsoft have stated that Windows 10 will be the last major OS release but by no means … Continue reading Managing Windows as a Service (WaaS)