Warning! KB3148812 breaks WSUS server!

Beware! I got a notification on my SCCM server that it was failing to get updates, checked the logs and was presented with this.. note the date started...The behavior was the WSUS service was stopping itself for no apparent reason, windows logs showed: "The WSUS Service service terminated unexpectedly. ┬áIt has done this 4 time(s)."So … Continue reading Warning! KB3148812 breaks WSUS server!

SCCM OSD Computer Name – PowerShell Script

I always use a HTA (UI++) for my SCCM Task Sequences to fill a lot of variables at the start of the sequence, however i was recently asked to make a Zero Touch (ZTI) build for Windows 10 for a specific department. This is a pretty simple request however the main hurdle was dynamically setting … Continue reading SCCM OSD Computer Name – PowerShell Script